Bicycle Rental

We are  honest and affordable  bike rental in Amsterdam!

Please read our rental terms and conditions, select dates in the calendar, fill in a form and your bike is reserved: 


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Bike Rental Terms and Conditions :


Our bikes are local Amsterdam bikes with handbrakes , they are the most comfortable and safe for cycling in Amsterdam.

Prices  :
3 hours     €   9.5
1 day          €  12.5
2 days        €  22
3 days        €  30
4 days        €  38
5 days        €  46
6 days        €  53
7 days        €  60
10 days      €  75
Cargo bike: € 25 p/day
Children’s seats: € 4 p/day

Monday – Friday   08:00 – 20:00

Sat          10:00 – 18:00

Sun         10:00 – 18:00


– We only take deposit and you will pay the rental price when you return your bike.
 As deposit we require:

Option 1: Passport / ID copy (we make a copy in the store) + € 50 (cash per bike )


Option 2: Credit card copy and one Passport / ID copy


– We only accept Visa or Mastercard .

– Your credit card details are only required as a guarantee in case you don’t bring your bike back
and it would not be charged for other purposes ! Not even if you are few days late
with returning your bike ,you will only be charged for extra days upon your return !

– Please notice that we charge an additional 2.5% fee for credit cards payments.

– If you wish to avoid paying the additional fee, please pay the rent with debit card or pay with cash 
when you return your bike.

INSURANCE(optional )

– € 3 per day (24 hours)

– The insurance covers theft of the bike and damage to the bike.

– Without insurance you will be charged €400 (p/bike ) for the bicycle and locks in the case of theft.

– The insurance is only valid if you give both keys of the bike to Amsterdamse Fietswinkel.

– With the insurance there is an excess of € 50,own risk in the case of theft .

– In the case of damage the own risk is reduced to € 0.

– Always return to the shop , even if your bike got stolen .In the case of not returning the bicycle(s) and not returning to the shop for paying the bill , the bicycle will be declared as stolen , it will be reported to the police and 550€ will be claimed p/bike

– We recommend you to take the insurance for the bikes in Amsterdam


– Each bike has 2 locks. Please always lock the bike with the both locks and attach them in the bicycle rack.

– Our staff will demonstrate you proper use of the locks.


– We collect information from customers during the rental period, such as name, email , address, ID and credit card information.
- Your personal data will be carefully secured by us and will not be used for any other purposes then the bike rental and we would not share your personal data with third parties
- After returning the bike(s) and paying the rental price, all your personal details (eg. ID , passport , creditcard , name ,email ) will be deleted.


– One day is considered to be 24 hours.

– Please remember to bring a copy of your contract with you upon returning the bike.

– If you experience any problems with your bicycle, please visit our shop. We don’t cover repairs performed by other companies.

Riding a bike through the streets of Amsterdam is the best way to experience our city.

Enjoy cycling in Amsterdam !

3 gratis service beurten op al onze fietsen ! Tweedehands fietsen met 6 maanden garantie !