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Amsterdam is a city of cycling culture. Bicycles are driven much more than cars so the issue of parking is a bigger focus of attention in Amsterdam than car parking.

So, people not only bike everywhere, but park their bikes everywhere. Unfortunately, bicycle theft and vandalism are the real problem. Improper and unsafe bicycle parking can bring a lot of problems.

So use guarded bicycle parking when possible because there are many in the center of Amsterdam.


You are allowed to park your bike anywhere, as long as there are no signs that parking is prohibited and that your bike is not in the way of other people, however, leaving the bike anywhere can lead to damage, theft or misdemeanor penalties. Unfortunately, bicycle theft and vandalism are common in the Netherlands. So look carefully where you leave your bike and lock the bike at all times.

Amsterdam and the Netherlands, unlike many other European countries, have a strict bicycle parking policy. Signs show where it is forbidden to leave the bike.

Watch out for signs that say Verboden fietsen and plaatsen (No bicycle parking). In addition to the city signs for the regulation of bicycle parking, the city of Amsterdam has also regulated bicycle parking in parking zones – e.g. around railway stations – with the map “no parking outside the planned facilities”. The city of Amsterdam has its own sign for these zones, which reads “Geen (brom) fietsen plaatsen buiten de fietsvoorzieningen”.

Remember the warning well: Improperly parked and briefly left bicycles in a public city area can be removed by the police. To pick up your bike, you must go to the Fietsdepot (Bicycle Warehouse), where you will have to pay a fine for the offense.


Unfortunately, bicycle theft is common and common in the Netherlands. Hundreds of thousands of bicycles are stolen every year – especially in big cities. Although Amsterdam is quiet and a city of bicycle culture, still, whether you just enter the store or enjoy the refreshment on the terrace, leaving the bike unlocked is never an option. Anyone could grab your bike and go and be sure: someone will.

Residents of Amsterdam certainly already know that, but if you come to Amsterdam from another city or from abroad and bring your bike to Amsterdam, make sure it has good locks (preferably two) and use them at all times. Here are some top tips from the Dutch police for preventing bicycle theft.


So there are city and private parking for bicycles. Bicycle theft is a real problem in the center of Amsterdam. Even if you have locked the bike properly, you may not find it when you return. Especially if you have an expensive bike. The accident can be bigger if you plan to spend your vacation with the help of your personal or rented bicycle. Therefore, it is obligatory to use one of the guarded bicycle parking lots.

In public parking lots It is not possible to reserve a place in advance.

Amsterdam City Council provides guarded bicycle parking which is free for the first 24 hours. After that you pay a small fee. You can park for a maximum period of 28 days. The Amsterdam City Council website has an interactive map of bicycle parking in the center of Amsterdam (in Dutch). There are also commercial guarded bike parks and garages that always charge a small fee.

Amsterdam residents who do not have a safe place to leave their bicycle at home often receive an annual ticket to a guarded bicycle park near their home. It turns out to be cheaper than constantly replacing stolen bicycles! To find guarded bicycle parking near your home, go to the Stalling Amsterdam (Dutch) website.

For more general information on parking your bike in the Netherlands, go to Bicycle Parking.