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Bicycle maintenance is important for every type of rider. Whether you ride your bike to work regularly, race or just go out on the trails a few times a month, you need to be up to date with basic maintenance to prevent unsafe conditions and costly surprises from happening along the way.

Your bike maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep your bike in good shape in the future by following these simple bike maintenance tips.

Keep your bike clean

Just as you wash your car to look intact, and it works well, you maintain home appliances or dedicated machines, you also need to maintain your bike to extend the life of your ride. When you clean your bike, it will help you prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease through the mechanical parts of your bike. All you need is a bucket, water, biodegradable soap, a large sponge, a towel and an old toothbrush or other small toothbrush to clean everything: the bike frame, chain, chain rings, pedals, brakes, seat, etc.

Lubricate the mechanism

Always wipe and clean the chain after driving. This will give the lubricant time to sink into the chain. Some riders like to lubricate the chain before riding, but dust can stick, which later causes another type of problem, especially with the chain in changing gears, so it may be better to leave the lubrication for the period when the bike will not ride. . Need a lubrication recommendation? Ask your trusted local bike shop. And if you have a lot of excess fat, get yourself a chain cleaner to get rid of heavy fats.

Inspect your tires

There is nothing worse than having to stop and change a flat tire while driving. Always inspect your tires and check their pressure with a floor pump. After making sure that your tires are properly inflated, check for other damage or wear that could cause them to puncture while driving. Also check that the wheels are in good condition.

Keep the bike at uniform temperatures during the cold and winter periods, spreading and shrinking the tires makes them old and brittle long before their expiration date.

Make sure the bolts, bolts and nuts are tight

Don’t let your bike fall apart while you’re riding! You can keep things intact by quickly checking to see if the bolts, bolts or nuts are loose before you go. If you notice that you have lost some nuts or bolts while driving, make sure you can repair things right away by carrying some spare nuts and bolts with you.

Check the brakes

As you probably know, good brakes are essential. Brake pads wear out over time, so be sure to check your brake pads between bike service visits. All you have to do is test the bicycle brakes for a short ride with sudden braking. What you need to know is that the brakes have their own hardness settings and that you also need to adjust that or go to a service center to adjust your braking hardness. . But if you feel that your brakes are too soft, the brake pads will probably need to be replaced.

Learn how to repair a flat tire (among other things)

If you drive alone and your tire bursts, what will you do? Make sure you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere by learning how to patch pipes. YouTube has some useful videos on this topic. In addition, we offer mechanic classes every season to show you how to replace pipes and other basics to repair and renew your ride.

Service your bike

It is important to maintain your bike every season by taking it to a service center. We provide you with a service. Our experienced mechanics have the skills to ensure your safety on the road and to enjoy your ride for life. Whether you need basic maintenance and some minor adjustments, or you need a complete disassembly and inspection, we will address your concerns and assess the needs of your bike to ensure that your bike is safe to use. The more you make sure your bike is in good condition on a routine basis, the less you will have to spend on seasonal maintenance. Need more help? The service team at your local

Amsterdamsefietswinkel store will be happy to give you expert advice on keeping your bike in top condition.