Insure your bicycle against theft and accidents!

Full Casco insurance Examples:

€9 per month for E-Bike from €2000

€8 for a City Bike from €700

With the best-tested bicycle insurance from the consumer association (Kingpolis), your bicycle is always well insured against damages and theft. You take out bicycle insurance in the store and your bicycle is insured from the moment you take the bicycle from the store.

You can choose from two coverages:


  • When a theft claim is awarded, you can select a replacement bicycle for the amount insured
  • no deductible
  • no depreciation

In the event of theft, you must always report it to the police. You need the official report drawn up by them to be eligible for benefits! You must file a declaration as soon as possible, in any case within 5 days. Nowadays you can also file a declaration online, 24-hours a day at

Full Casco:

  • cover in the event of damage to your bicycle due to external causes, such as damage due to a fall or an accident
  • wear and tear of the bicycle and parts is not insured
  • deductible of €25 per hull damage

If you have suffered injury as a result of an accident with the bicycle, Kingpolis will help you recover this damage from the liable counterparty. The cyclist is regarded by law as the “weaker road user”. This means that there is a good chance that you can recover your (injury) damage, Kingpolis insurance is happy to help you with this.

Redress legal aid

Under the heading General Conditions you will find the applicable conditions.

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